BumpTop: ‘interesting’ or genuinely useful?

I heard about BumpTop a few months back when it was Windows-only. It’s makes your desktop 3D in an aesthetically-pleasing way. This week they launched the Mac version which I found out about via Mashable. It turns out that Mashable had 100 free ‘Pro’ upgrades to give away and I was lucky enough to be quick enough to apply to get one. This gives BumpTop extra functionality and features. 🙂

My thoughts can be found in the following quick overview:

(higher quality version at the Internet Archive – do they not do transcoding any more?) :-s


5 thoughts on “BumpTop: ‘interesting’ or genuinely useful?

  1. I was also able to get one of the 100 pro accounts from mashable (thanks, I think to a post from you on twitter!)
    However, like you, I’m not that impressed. Perhaps because I like an uncluttered desktop & spend most of my time deleting things that OSes want to put on them…

      • Agreed, I immediately downloaded (though did NOT get a free upgrade) — it just doesn’t work with my mainly cloud-based (via Dropbox) organizational structure. I have no need to stick post it notes all over my desktop (unless they linked via some other useful service like RTM.

        Maybe, just maybe they could have something going if that 3D space integrated dashboard widgets (or windows sidebar widgets) but, as I don’t use either of those anyway, it is pretty much beside the point.

      • I tried it out too and totally agree with you. Virtual organization structures are much better than physical ones, I just found it annoying. Why shuffle papers around when you can just search for things?

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