GCSE results by location/ethnicity [visualization]

The consistently helpful Nathan Yau at FlowingData posted a brief tutorial this week on how to make heatmaps quickly. I had a play given that the UK government launched the surprisingly useful and well thought-out data.gov.uk recently!

Here’s what I came up with:

Proportion of students gaining 5 or more  A*-C GCSE grades in England, 2006-9

(yes, I too was surprised that the North East leads the way in number of students gaining 5 or more A*-Cs!) :-p


4 thoughts on “GCSE results by location/ethnicity [visualization]

  1. Hi Doug, Looks useful, but hard to interpret without a key. What do the colours represent? Also, and this may be a personal thing (esp being a geographer ;), I think that spatial data is far better represented in map form. Also need the relative proportions of each ethnic group for the information to be useful.

    Looks nice though :-)

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