JISC Conference 2010

As I said to a couple of people, I found the JISC Conference to be a very ‘conferencey’ conference. That’s not as tautological or, indeed, as bad as it sounds.

Yes, some of the presenters need to learn how to use slides. Yes, the stairs at the venue got a bit annoying after a while. And yes, Some of the sessions *were* massively over-capacity.

But it worked. People were enthused by the keynote from Martin Bean, Vice-Chancellor of the Open University. People networked and ‘caught up’. People asked questions.

My recommendations for #jisc11:

  1. Embrace Twitter – display it on the screen at least during Q&A sessions (otherwise it’s dominated by opinionated, influential, middle aged men) 
  2. Spend longer on the procedural design stuff. Getting to and from rooms and venues was a bit ‘clunky’. 
  3. Advertise the smaller sessions during the breaks more heavily. The ‘pods’ were a great idea. Oh, and provide technical support when things go down for those presenting inside them! 

Overall, I enjoyed my first JISC Conference. I’ve learned mire about what the different parts of JISC do, the high esteem in which the service is held, and got a flavour of the projects it’s currently involved in. 🙂


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