Are we doing young people a disservice?

Are we abdicating our responsibility when ‘student voice’ dictates what we do rather than how we do it?

Isn’t it unreasonable to expect the majority of those who are not yet adults to make significant contributions to the world’s knowledge?

Where’s the evidence for ‘digital natives’ or ‘digital literacy’?

Why does the educational year work as it does, largely in a one-size-fits-all approach?

Will students have to write with a pen for two hours ever again after high-stakes examinations?

Do pupils in ‘Outstanding’ schools who quote the latest educational buzzwords actually know what they mean?

With the narrowing of curricula, will your secondary education one day determine your future career?

Is further and higher education really just about contributing to the economy?

When did the unreflective use of social media and new technologies become equated with educational innovation?

Why do educators still make assertions based on outdated research as though it was a recent breakthrough?

Image CC BY Giuseppe Bognanni


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