HOWTO: Go Camping (according to my Twitter network)

The more time I spend in front of a computer the more I feel the need to temper it with being outside. We bought two tents last weekend – a family-sized one and another for Ben (my 3 year-old son) and I to go away together. It’s something I really want to do regularly so it’s second nature to him.

Tonight we’re going camping as a family for the first time so, naturally, I asked my Twitter network what kinds of things I needed to make sure I brought along. I received a fair few replies, all within the space of 20 minutes! Here’s some of the responses, broken down into categories:

Health & hygiene

Sleeping & relaxing

Eating & drinking

Clothing & footwear

Storage & carrying

Technology & gadgetry

Misc. hints & tips

  1. Have all camping gear put away in storage boxes for ease of loading. Helps with last-minute/seize-the-day decisions! (@ForesterJo)
  2. Save any checklist you make and add to it after every trip (@ottonomy)
  3. Runswick Bay camp site (North Yorkshire Moors) is lovely (@dughall)
  4. Spiers House in Cropton near Pickering middle forest has activities (@ForesterJo)
  5. Take wine glasses – it’s not the same out of a mug! (@alisonlones)
  6. Take cans of beer instead of bottles (@mikemcsharry)
  7. Use a hammer and 6-inch nails instead of tent pegs for hard ground (@gillferrell)
  8. Take half the clothes you think you need for yourself, but double the amount you think you need for your children (@Joga5)
  9. A large fabric softener bottle is the ultimate midnight pee solution as it’s apparently unisex! (@simfin)
  10. Take more socks than you think you’ll ever need (@billgibbon)

Is there anything you’d add to the list? What advice would you give newbie campers? 🙂

Image CC BY-NC simpologist


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