Weeknote #9

This week I have been mostly…

In the office

I think this is pretty much the first week since I started at JISC infoNet that I’ve been in the office every single day of the week. Needless to say, I got lots of work done on the mobile and wireless technologies review I’m currently undertaking. 🙂

Getting to grips with the Kindle

I sold my Sony Reader PRS-600 to @misetak this week and bought an Amazon Kindle 2. I liked the Sony but I love the Kindle – so much better when there’s an ecosystem surrounding it!

Pondering the future of this blog

After someone I know and respect pointed out that I continued to blog every day whilst doing virtually no work on my thesis last month I felt a bit guilty. And then I read Is it Time to Stop Blogging and Start an Email Newsletter? which pointed to the very interesting letter.ly. But then paywalls aren’t exactly the future in my book.

Welcoming my Dad home

I was delighted to see my Dad again yesterday. He’s home from the UAE until September and I haven’t seen him since I went out there in March. Being face-to-face is so much better than email/Skype/phone conversations! He’s taken my mother and grandmother off for a week-long holiday now…


I ran two practice 10k’s this week. On Monday I ran my first-ever in just over 53 minutes and then attempted to break the 50-minute barrier yesterday. I managed 50:39 which isn’t too bad, but I’ll be looking to shave a minute off that when I next go on Tuesday. I’m running the BUPA Great North 10k on Sunday 18th July in Sunderland – come along and cheer me on if you’re nearby and/or donate to UNICEF via JustGiving! It was @simfin who suggested I run for charity and my £50 target has already very kindly been met by friends and relatives, but feel free to donate more. 😀


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