Anyone should be able to present on anything of which they’ve got a basic grasp.

That’s the theory.

A group of us at work meet together every so often to improve our skills in a certain area. On Monday it’s presentations. My first thought was to present using a single image related to a random Wikipedia article. However, this is what came up:

Hence my tweet asking for a random subject and method of presentation for an upcoming (informal) peer review session at work:

(click to enlarge)

I hadn’t come across Juxio before, so have decided to use that. As for the subject, I really like Lou McGill‘s suggestion of dandelions as it had a connection to work (I collaborated with Lou on the OER infoKit for which we used a dandelion motif).


Here’s my presentation as I delivered it. You may need to turn the sound up as the Flip camera was quite a distance away from me!


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