10 Things I Shared This Week – #1

Two indisputable facts:

  • People like something to read at the weekend.
  • I share a lot of links on Twitter, usually whilst using TweetDeck.

Connecting the dots, I thought it would be useful to rank the most-clicked links that I share for those people who may have missed them. To cut a medium-length story short, any links I do share are shortened to the custom form dajb.eu/xxxxxx. This enables me to track them using bit.ly Pro (free!).

Here’s the 10 most popular links I’ve shared since Monday:

  1. Athabasca University Press – Mobile Learning (http://dajb.eu/aye3Ew) – 83 clicks
  2. #uppingyourgame: finished and now on sale! (http://dajb.eu/ai7Tnt) – 46 clicks
  3. Doug on Productivity – Episode 1 (http://dajb.eu/9xc1R4) – 44 clicks
  4. The truth about blogging (http://dajb.eu/9OIRMZ) – 35 clicks
  5. Things I Learned This Month – September 2010 (http://dajb.eu/9PgdLK) – 33 clicks
  6. Mapping stereotypes by alphadesigner (http://dajb.eu/93yVWi) – 33 clicks
  7. 3 reasons teachers should smile (http://dajb.eu/919q6f) – 29 clicks
  8. Pigeonhole Live / Fast Company (http://dajb.eu/cdFznh) – 23 clicks
  9. dougbelshaw.com/ebooks (http://dajb.eu/dougsebooks) – 23 clicks
  10. Netbook Choice – Toshiba Libretto W100 (http://dajb.eu/97QLfJ) – 21 clicks

Is this a useful thing to do every Friday afternoon? Let me know in the comments! 😀


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