Weeknote #21

This week I have been mostly…

Delivering on projects

I launched two new things yesterday:

Finding out more about mobile learning

Wednesday was a 17.5 hour working day for me, but worth it! I was down in London for the MoLeNET conference and awards ceremony because of the JISC mobile & wireless technologies review I’m currently undertaking.

Such enthusiasm! Such transformational projects and learning experiences! Awesome.

Playing around with video

After reading about the importance of online video for, well, everything, I thought it was time I played around with it a bit more. Hence:

Looking after my son

I’ve been looking after Ben for the last three Fridays as my Mam is currently visiting my Dad in the United Arab Emirates. (Happy 61st Birthday Dad!) For the first two of these that meant dropping him off and picking him up from school nursery then spending the afternoon together. However, he was running a temperature yesterday, so didn’t go in and wasn’t up to doing much active stuff apart from the inevitable ‘Calpol half-hour’ after taking some medicine…


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