Top 10 Links I Shared This Week – #2

I forgot to do it last week, but it’s back (albeit with a slightly different name) this week! The following are the 10 most popular links I shared on Twitter, as tracked by Pro. If you want to know how to get your own custom URL shortener, there’s a guide at (seemingly down at present – Google cache here, although sans images)

Name / Link (clicks)

  1. Things I Learned This Week – #41 (70)
  2. Google Books – Library – Mobile Stuff / (30)
  3. Crime software may help police predict violent offences / (26)
  4. Easily-adaptable WordPress Loop Templates / (26)
  5. Got 5 seconds? Help with the redesign of this blog! / (17)
  6. Testing on the Vodafone 360 Handset Cloud Service / (15)
  7. Innovating e-Learning 2010 Online Conference : JISC / (10)
  8. Doug on Productivity – Episode 3 / (10)
  9. Open Learning: the journal of open and distance learning / (10)
  10. Get a Skype button / (8)

Last time around I wrote this at lunchtime, scheduling it for 5pm BST (GMT +1). This time I wrote it at the same time but scheduled it for 3pm. Let me know what you prefer. 🙂


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