Surfacing stuff you may not have seen.

Every now and again I look at the Google Analytics profile of this blog. I’m usually pretty surprised by what I find.

Google Analytics

I write predominantly about education, technology and productivity. With a little bit of other random stuff thrown in. So guess which blog posts have been consistently in my top twenty most accessed?

These ones:

Notice that these were all written in 2008 or 2009, a time when I was first E-Learning Staff Tutor at at school in Doncaster, and then Director of E-Learning at an Academy in the North East.

So it turns out that people like practical, research-based stuff they can apply immediately. My inaugural reader survey told a similar story. Perhaps I need to re-focus my efforts. Which is difficult when I’m an office-based researcher…


2 thoughts on “Surfacing stuff you may not have seen.

    • It was tough when I left in 2010 teaching eight hours a week. I can’t imagine it’s any easier under the Tories!
      I am pondering what to do with the rest of my thirties though…

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