A few things that may interest you…


I can’t string any of these out to a blog post in their own right, but they’re definitely worth bringing to more people’s attention.

First, I’ve re-launched Things I Learned This Week as a free newsletter. You can sign up here.

I’m helping co-ordinate Purpos/ed’s #500words Take 2 campaign. All of the ‘official’ spaces have gone, but you can still contribute! More details.

Version 0.2 of the e-book I’m writing, The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies is almost ready. Invest now whilst it’s only £1 to do so!

Last, but not least, the JISC Developing Digital Literacies programme has two (free!) upcoming webinars. This Friday (27 April 2012) it’s Erin Knight and Michelle Levesque on Mozilla and web literacies, and next Friday (4 May 2012) it’s Tabetha Newman and Sarah Payton on A history of Digital Literacy in UK & EU.

Image CC BY kevin dooley


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