What a weekend! (#MozParty Newcastle & #GreatNorth10k)

I’ve had a great weekend.

Not only did people actually turn up and enjoy themselves immensely at #MozParty Newcastle, but I managed to complete the Great North 10k two minutes faster than a couple of years ago. No mean feat given my lack of training…

#MozParty Newcastle

(video not showing? click here!)

Anyone can attend or create a #MozParty. Go to webmaker.org/events and sign up for free!

I did just that when I created #MozParty Newcastle. Thankfully, I had the ‘Army of Awesome’ to help me:

  • Steve Boneham
  • Steve Bunce
  • Ricardo Carolas
  • David Easton
  • Bill Gibbon
  • Jacquie Kelly
  • Andy Stewart
  • Chris Wilde

Around 35 people attended altogether, the youngest being seven years old. It was a fantastic event with some great informal learning, sharing and encouragement going on.

Check out the creations here: http://etherpad.mozilla.org/mozpartynewcastle

I’d like to thank Ian, Sheela and Tom from the Centre for Life as they helped the event to happen. Check out the additional photos and videos below or directly on Flickr.

Chris Allan has also written up the event on his blog.

Great North 10k

The long hill back up to Gateshead Stadium was a killer, but I reckon I can go even faster than 47:23 next year. In fact, I bet I can go sub-45 minutes in 2013!

Doug Belshaw's Great North 10k time - 47:23


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