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My speaking engagements and the conferences I will be/have attended are at Lanyrd (and here as a backup). I’ve got a thought journal that I call Thought Shrapnel.

I write (mainly) about education, technology and productivity. My most popular posts from each year since 2006 can be found below (last updated February 2013):


(so far…)

  1. Letting Grow
  2. T3S1: Digital Literacies with Dr. Doug Belshaw (#etmooc)
  3. Towards a learning standard for Web Literacy: (1) Introduction
  4. How I plan my working days. [RESOURCES]
  5. v0.5 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]


  1. Using Raspberry Pi and XBMC to build an ultra-cheap HTPC
  2. This is why teachers leave teaching
  3. Platforms as standards? 10 days with the Nokia N9.
  4. How I use a MacBook Pro (October 2012)
  5. How to make #openbadges work for you and your organisation


  1. How I Use a MacBook Pro (May 2011)
  2. What’s the opposite of ‘digital Taylorism’?
  3. The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies (#digilit)
  4. #ukedchat #fail: TES attempts takeover cover-up whilst Pearson muscles-in on grassroots Twitter teacher CPD
  5. 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years


  1. 5 characteristics of successful organisations
  2. 5 genuinely useful Twitter tools
  3. Google Apps (Education Edition) vs. Microsoft Live@Edu
  4. 7 things the Bible taught me about productivity
  5. Things I learned this week – #1


  1. HOWTO: Add an RSS feed to Google Sites
  2. Are organizations like brains?
  3. Daniel Goleman on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  4. HOWTO: Present full-screen using Prezi and an Apple Remote [OSX]
  5. HOWTO: Tether an iPhone to a netbook running Jolicloud


  1. Page peel script
  2. How to upgrade your Nokia N95 to v12.x firmware and make it a whole lot better
  3. 5 ways to make ‘textbook lessons’ more interesting
  4. 4 reasons you should jailbreak your iPhone 3G
  5. What is a VLE?


  1. Nokia N95 tips, reviews and software all in one place
  2. Demotivational posters
  3. Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95
  4. My favourite LOLcats
  5. How NOT to upgrade your Xbox


  1. The purpose of education? It isn’t this…
  2. Some ideas about the structure of my thesis proposal essay
  3. Managing Organizational Change – diagram
  4. Barriers to teachers’ use of ICT
  5. Ed.D. Thesis Proposal Outline

I’ve written some eBooks – #uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity (2010), #onfire: ignite your productivity (2010), and #getthatjob: an educator’s guide to finding, applying, and interviewing for a teaching-related job (2010). These can all be found at along with the current one I’m writing: The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies.

Worked your way through those? Congratulations! You’re now qualified to read my doctoral thesis, available online (and CC0-licensed like this blog) at!



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