Things you may be looking for…

Every Saturday I post a Weeknote, outlining what I’ve been up to that week. Every Sunday I post Things I Learned This Week.

I’ve written or edited several (e-)books:

Some of my presentations have gone down well, especially the one at bMoble 2010 where I managed to fit over a hundred slides into a 7-minute talk!

I used to be Director of E-Learning at a large, 10-site Academy for young people aged 3-19 in the North-East of England. Most of my posts about this are tagged ‘Academy‘.

My Ed.D. thesis isn’t here, it’s at

My favourite, and the most referenced of my, posts about strategy relating to educational technology are:

I think Carol Dweck’s work on ‘growth mindsets’ and motivation is potentially transformative and am a fan of Puentadura’s SAMR model (thanks to Nick Dennis for the heads-up!)

Innovation, I believe, is the area of tension between your interests and your job.

Caffeine naps are awesome.

Martin’s idea of liquid modernity is spot-on.

Everything that’s wrong with management can be summed up in 3 Dilbert cartoons.

We don’t celebrate Hallowe’en in our house.

I’ve decided to Uncopyright my stuff and created a new publishing model called OpenBeta as an experiment.

I suffer from migraines, which may (or may not) make me mildly synaesthetic and more creative than average.


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